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Regular dental check-ups will diagnose, treat and manage your overall oral healthcare needs. These regular examinations will involve cleaning, gum care and preventative education. Visiting often will minimise the risk of tooth loss, reducing the risk of developing tooth decay and the need for fillings.

Regular check-ups

Regular dental check-ups allow us to identify dental problems you may have as early as possible, they also allow us to keep your mouth healthy and pain free.

Routine examinations are an effective way of monitoring the teeth and gums, helping to prevent the need for any treatment. In addition, we may ask, and give advice, about your dental health, teeth-cleaning habits, your diet, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol use. We will also carry out Routine x-rays when required.

If treatment is required, the examination can be used to diagnose the required remedial work. and discuss treatment options and prices.

After your dental check-up, we will recommend a date for your next visit. People with good oral health will probably need to attend only once every 6 months but those with more problems will need dental check-ups more often.


During a routine examination we may ask to take x-rays of your teeth and gums. We use start-of-the art x-ray and digital scanning equipment to help us check for any problems that can be difficult to spot with the naked eye. We do this to help us identify any plaque build up in between the teeth and at the back of your mouth allowing us to cover all bases during your check-up and provide the best available advice and treatment.

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For families and individuals

At High Brooms Dental Clinic we accept both NHS and Private patients. We have services available to families, children, and individuals in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Our routine dentistry provides the highest standard of dental care and preventative dentistry possible for the whole family.

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Dental Memberships

At High Brooms Dental Clinic we believe that the best way of making treatment affordable, without compromising our high quality of care, is to offer you membership of our own Dental Care Plan which provide the following benefits:

  • A convenient payment scheme for routine treatment

  • Greater choice of treatment and materials

  • More time to help prevent decay and gum disease

  • A fair and equitable system where everybody pays the same

  • Substantial discounts on additional treatments

  • Worldwide Trauma and Emergency Call out Insurance

  • Redundancy Protection

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