Private Treatment Fees

Please find below a guide to typical treatment costs at High Brooms Dental Clinic. Using this as a basis, we provide detailed, costed Treatment Plans for your review and approval prior to any work commencing.

Treatment Independant Fees from:
General Services
Routine Exam £41.00
Extensive New Patient Exam (including x-rays) £66.00
X-ray £13.00
Emergency appointment £61.00
Hygiene Treatments
Scale and polish (with dentist) £39.00
Hygienist £54.00 (30 mins)
£83.00 (45 mins)
£116.00 (60 mins)
Periodontal Treatment (with Dentist) per quadrant £127.00
Composite Resin (white, tooth coloured) fillings £105.00 - £143.00
(price dependant upon tooth and size of filling required)
Amalgam fillings (silver fillings on back teeth) £83.00 - £121.00
(price dependant upon tooth and size of filling required)
Cosmetic bonding and contouring £215.00 per tooth
Tooth Whitening Treatments
Zoom (in surgery) whitening From ��595.00
Professional Home whitening kits £440.00
Replacement whitening trays From £250.00 each
individual syringes (for top up) £30.00 each
a pack of 3 for £79.00
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior £248.00
Premolars £303.00
Molars £385.00
Routine £138.00
Surgical from £215.00
Implant consultation (30 mins) £50.00
Single implant and crown from £2,800.00
Consultation FOC
Comprehensive (Upper and lower teeth, unlimited aligners) £4,395.00
Lite (Upper and lower teeth, up to 14 aligners) £3,295.00
Upper OR lower teeth treatment (up to 14 aligners) £2,745.00
Vivera Retainers (upper and lower, 3 sets) £495.00
Orthodontic Retainer £143.00
Fixed bonded retainer (per arch) £248.00
Porcelain Bonded to metal Crown £605.00
Full Gold Crown £935.00
All ceramic Crown (metal free) £660.00
Porcelain bonded to metal (per unit) £605.00
All ceramic (metal free) (per unit) £660.00
Maryland wing including pontic £787.00
Composite £578.00
Gold £935.00
Ceramic (metal free) £660.00
Posts lab fab: £215.00
surg fab: £105.00
Core build up lab fab: £77.00
Porcelain £715.00
Composite (Lab made) £578.00
Composite (Direct) £400.00
Crown £55.00
Conventional Bridge /Adhesive Bridge up to £82.50
Dentures Acrylic Chrome
Full £605.00 £1067.00
Partial 1-3 teeth £446.00 £658.00
4-8 teeth £668.00 £1067.00
9-+ £792.00 £1067.00
Denture Relines: Hard Soft
£210.00 £260.00
Repairs £83.00
Denture Additions: Acrylic £118.00
Chrome £137.50
Miscellaneous Single Colour Multi Colour
Sports Guard £121.00 £160.00
Bite Splint Soft Hard (Tanner or Michigan)
£145.00 starting at £495.00
Anti-Snore Devices from £405.00
Antibiotics £10.00

Finance options

Orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental and psychological well-being of both children and adults.

At High Brooms Dental Clinic, we believe financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important service. We therefore offer flexible payment terms through our finance partner Chrysalis Finance.

Chrysalis Finance Limited is a lender and acts as a broker to a panel of other lenders. Your chosen treatment provider will act as either an appointed representative or direct broker to Chrysalis Finance. We offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing payment options that will be displayed by your chosen hospital or practice.

Chrysalis Finance Limited is a members of the Chrysalis Healthcare Group PO Box 404, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 0EA.Registered in England, Company number 6541664Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 631193

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